BEE Verification
Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts CC
Certified by
BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA-014)
BEE Status: Level 1
Expiry Date: 2017/12/15
Certificate Number: EXM 6762
Envirosafe Window & High Level Cleaning Products and Services




Safety, safety, safety, with the cleaning of inaccessible or hard to reach areas, safety is paramount. Enviro Safe prides itself on an impeccable safety record in this sector, our many years experience means our quality shines through.

We specialize in High Level Cleaning solutions for:

4 Internal & External Windows
4 All Ceilings types and designs
4 Overhead beams, piping, trunking & ducting
4 Sky frames & Skylights
4 All inaccessible surfaces

Our Environmentally friendly chemicals and agents are critical for success in this sector, providing us with an edge over our competitors resulting in unmatched quality.

Our core features:

4 Rope access
4 High access ladders
4 Hydraulic lifts
4 Scaffolding
4 Suspended Platforms
4 Fall arrest methods

We respect and diligently adhere to all safety regulations and procedures and are in compliance with the OHS Act.

All our staff are extremely competent and well trained.