BEE Verification
Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts CC
Certified by
BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA-014)
BEE Status: Level 1
Expiry Date: 2017/12/15
Certificate Number: EXM 6762

The Team and Individual



The team consists of the core team, outsourced members, and contract workers. Where ever we work and whatever our status, we all commit to respect and treat all people equally. To be a member of the Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts team, you have to take other membersí views into consideration at all times.  Your success in the team depends on your skills, knowledge and attitude which enable you to contribute so that the team can function effectively.

Our Company is like a well oiled machine, with all the parts working smoothly because each Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts person does it right first time. When we mess up we fix our own mistakes.

We are committed to a policy of joint decision making and participation at all levels and believe that all individuals must contribute in finding solutions to problems.  Only in this way can we build an effective, accountable team for the maximum benefit of both the individual and the Company.

As individuals we have a contribution to make.  We recognise our importance as part of a functional team and our personal contribution to that team. The individual at Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts must always be challenging themselves and others to ensure excellence within the Company, but people must be dealt with fairly in all instances.

We believe in an open-door policy.  Should there be a dispute between an individual and the Company, we believe in fair and open dialogue in order to reconcile difference at any level.  The individual is always considered as part of the Team. We seek the individualís goals and Companyís goals to be as well matched as possible.  We do understand however, that an individualís values are dynamic and can change over time.  We do not praise the individual whose values growth commensurate with the Companyís growth.

We encourage individuals to achieve their highest peak at Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts whilst performing within the set company standards and procedures.  By doing so they earn managementís trust and are given opportunities to operate with greater freedom.  They can then use creativity and initiative, whilst remaining totally committed to company goals.

We offer continuous employment insofar as it lies within the power of the Company to provide it and the competence and loyalty of the employee to justify it.
The Company philosophy will be given to all employees to read and it is the understanding that all employees will acquaint themselves with the contents thereof.  Thus, compliance or non-compliance to the Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts Philosophy is the prime consideration when dismissing an employee and, simultaneously, an employee defense for unfair treatment i.e. unjust dismissal.

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