BEE Verification
Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts CC
Certified by
BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA-014)
BEE Status: Level 1
Expiry Date: 2017/12/15
Certificate Number: EXM 6762

Culture and Training



We understand that all Company resources (customer, team, systems, finance, and partners) are totally interlocking and integrated.  One cannot exist at the expense of the other.

This holistic view promotes the sharing of ideas and views in an atmosphere of transparency and trust between all individuals.  The Company’s welfare is therefore the concern of all.

We believe that people should be exposed to as many opportunities as possible within their career, in order to acquire the skills needed to operate effectively within the Company.

We are all part of the same Company and all have the Company’s interest at heart, therefore we do not tolerate blame placing.  We consistently deal with the real causes of problems, and not their symptoms.

We expect employees’ motives to reflect loyalty to the Company.

Management is self critical, always striving to improve.  Our openness as a team, leads to constructive criticism which leads to team generated solutions to problems.
Our Company places high value on dedication and creativity in solving “Green” problems because through these we strive for excellence, whether it be improvement in work methods or the quality of work life of our people. 

We understand that without the knowledge and skills to do the job, an employee feels insecure and therefore the employee views knowledge as a defense mechanism against failure.  Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts is therefore committed to training staff at all levels.

The Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts training procedures will achieve the following ends -

The Company can only achieve excellence through individual commitment to training and learning. 

We see training and learning as essential for the day to day improvement of our Team’s and Companies performance. The Companies role in coaching individuals is critically important but it cannot and does not substitute for the individual’s own efforts towards self-improvement and knowledge.

to prepare our team members to a point where they can perform their cleaning tasks with all the necessary skills
to prepare our team members for career development
make our team members more efficient, effective and capable
Envirosafe Cleaning Concepts=
Envirosafe Cleaning Concepts Staff
Envirosafe Cleaning Concepts Culture
Envirosafe Cleaning Concepts Staff
Envirosafe Cleaning Concepts Culture
"For Safe and Clean, you must go Green"