BEE Verification
Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts CC
Certified by
BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA-014)
BEE Status: Level 1
Expiry Date: 2017/12/15
Certificate Number: EXM 6762
Envirosafe Food & Hygiene Products and Services




All services and concepts in this sector are based on a HACCP food safety management system, though hygiene is only a part of a much larger food safety system within an environment, it has become pertinent to approach every service from an extremely critical and hygiene conscious perspective always considering the integrity of our clients product and the safety of their consumers.

This food safety system has become necessary because of the significant increase of illness caused by infected food in both developed and developing countries. In addition to the health hazards, food borne illnesses can give rise to considerable economic cost covering medical treatment, absence from work, insurance payments and legal compensation.

Enviro Safe’s team will fit perfectly into any Food Hygiene environment, adding value to the food safety system never compromising on safety.

We specialize in providing Food Hygiene / HACCP Cleaning and Hygiene solutions too:

4 Bakeries & Butcheries
4 Food production & manufacturing
4 Abattoirs & Fishmongers
4 Food & Beverage processing facilities

Hazards are identified and managed by our extremely well trained cleaning staff, our chemicals and cleaning materials are all internationally accredited for use in Food environments.

Our core features:

4 Total Environmentally friendly service and concept designed around your individual environment and needs
4 Management are all HACCP trained
4 Medicals performed annually
4 Security & background checks on employees
4 Integrated quality management system with daily site meetings
4 Well Trained competent personnel with specific food sector training
4 Implementation & management of Master Sanitation Schedules
4 Audit reports, checklists & inspections
4 Safety Data Sheets & safety files
4 Monitoring of new trends and laws pertaining to the Food sector
4 Pro - active & dynamic management approach