BEE Verification
Enviro Safe Cleaning Concepts CC
Certified by
BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA-014)
BEE Status: Level 1
Expiry Date: 2017/12/15
Certificate Number: EXM 6762




The most visible surface of any environment is without doubt the Flooring, a successful Cleaning program is dependent on a successful floor care program, from tiles to carpets, and the same rule applies. "If the floor is dirty, then it's all dirty".

We believe the only way to consistently deliver a high standard of floor care and cleanliness is a balance between maintenance and deep cleaning.

Enviro Safe have adopted an automated approach using floor care equipment and chemicals approved and accredit by leading manufactures

We specialize in complete Floor Care solutions for:

4 All hard Flooring
4 Carpets
4 Wooden Flooring
4 Concrete & Paving
4 Epoxy & Painted Floor coverings

We Offer:

4 Strip & Seal
4 Deep cleaning
4 Wet extraction Carpet cleaning
4 Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning
4 On - site carpet maintenance cleaning system

Our Environmentally friendly Degreasing chemicals and agents are critical for success in this sector, providing us with an edge over our competitors resulting in unmatched quality.

Our core features:

4 Total Environmentally friendly service and concept designed around your individual Floor Care requirements.
4 Highly trained management in all floor care systems.
4 Integrated quality management system.
4 Well trained competent personnel.
4 Competency certificates for all machine operators.
4 Pro - active & dynamic management approach.